Great Britain flag icon  King Arthur and His Knights

 George Gibson

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King Arthur today is the most recognizable book hero not only in British folklore, but also in the world literature.The young knight Arthur proved his right to be the king, when he pulled out the legendary sword Excalibur from the rock. This sword is a prototype of any magic weapon in the modern literature. The king's mentor, the wise wizard Merlin, also became the basis for hundreds of characters in the years to come. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this text for the world culture. Even Sir John Tolkien took much from the Arthurian legends for his "Lord of the Rings". King Arthur is a Celtic hero, but the Knights of the Round Table belong to the German, Welsh, French people.This book is a must-read for classical literature and modern phantasy lovers.

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Hard words: queen, knight, scabbard, crucified, counsellor, nobleman, declared, victorious, adventurous, magician, banquet, thankful, spear, farewell, moonlight, raised, conquer, amazed, castle, obey, confused, furious, wounded, fountain, bleed, satisfied, loyal, invade, kingdom, royal.