Great Britain flag icon  Life of Pi

 Yann Martel

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When you hear the title of this book, you will think first of all about the boy and the tiger, who are sailing on a boat in the middle of the vast ocean. The book does have a similar scene, but still it is not the only one. The main character of the story is Pisin. As a child, he suffered a lot because of his unusual name. In the end, he decided to call himself simply Pi in honour of the number. The father of Pi is a director of the zoo. Once he transports animals from India to Canada. Along the way, their ship gets into a strong storm. In the morning Pi wakes up from a loud noise and goes on deck. An alarm sounds. Soon Pi finds himself in a boat, surrounded by several animals. The boat gets further into the ocean. The situation is extremely dangerous and the boy does not know what to do.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1443 Total words: 13575

Hard words: stopping, sounded, pushed, containing, cathouse, refused, parents, liked, grey, moved, hurting, meerkat, circled, eats, carried, formed, worst, discovered, worked, chasing, rested, lord, emptied, picked, kept, described, catching, shouted, allowed, seasickness