Edgar Allan Poe

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The great Edgar Allan Poe considered this story as the best from all of his creations. Here he developed his favorite theme about love and death. The main character is a young man. He meets a young adorable woman and falls in love. Soon they get married. The husband does not know much about his wife, even her surname. In spite of this, they are happy together. Ligeia is tall and slim. Her skin is perfect. Her movements are smooth and aristocratic. She is very smart. Ligeia knows many foreign languages and never makes mistakes. It is unearthly love and admiration by the ideal. Suddenly Ligeia falls ill. She passes away. The widower goes crazy and becomes addicted to alcohol. Finally, he remarries another woman. He does not love her actually. The new wife falls into illness just like the previous one.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 433 Total words: 1595

Hard words: rose, imagining, trembling, expressed, madman, softnes eyelash, aristocratic, chandelier, exhausted, ornament, agony, lonelines blonde, madnes tomb, footstep, determined, transparent, frighten, rigid, excite, sli revive, tremble, devoted, clever, marble, sofa, isolated, depressed