Great Britain flag icon  Little Red Riding Hood

 Charles Perrault

1717    435    108    14    3

It is hard to imagine a person who hasn't heard of Charles Perrault and his famous fairy tales. This influential French writer was the founder of the modern fairy tale genre. His works include many well-known stories. The tale 'Little Red Riding Hood' tells a story of a little girl. She is going to visit her grandmother. The old woman is ill and lives far away. Little Red Riding Hood wants to bring her a cake and a small pot of butter. She has to go through the wood. The girl meets a wolf on her way. He is hungry but he can't eat her as he is afrai of the woodcutters working nearby. So he comes up with a clever plan. The wolf decides to arrive at the grandmother's house before Little Red Riding Hood and wait for her there.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 236 Total words: 895

Hard words: answered, counterfeiting, nightclothes, bobbin, believing, pulled, opened, roundabout, suited, softening, fell, hiding, nuts, hoarse, latch, riding, going, taking, called, said, wicked, entertaining, fond, amazed, stool, saying, afterwards, hood, mill, grandchild