USA flag icon  Logan's Run

 William Nolan

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The famous American science fiction is about the world after the nuclear world war. Let's imagine the picture. Computer in all aspects of their lives manage people. They live in the city under the dome in comfortable life and spend their time in amusements. There are sex with different partners, plays, sport etc. Because of overcrowding, such sweet life couldn't continue for a long time. Everybody has to go through the ritual of "Carrousel". It means that if you are twenty-one years old you have to die. People try to save their lives, hiding from the police. Logan is one of the police officers, who catch the runners. When Logan was given a task to infiltrate in a gang of Runners, his age was changed. He has to find a secret group which helped hide the Runners and return to his life.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1387 Total words: 16509

Hard words: loge, glasshouse, dosed, untied, sandman, nitro, punished, chasing, mew, mol, disused, exploded, hallucinogen