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 Eamonn Sweeney

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Ireland is the country that gave the world an interesting culture and the most popular music in the world. Irish music can be heard in any country from Australia to Africa. In many places you can hear this music and drink a stack of Irish whiskey. The main character of this book is Michael. Lots of people say that he is the best violinist in the world. People say that he adds something to music that other musicians can't. But he just cannot play in another way. This is the skill with which he was born. Michael lives in New York. He rents a small room in an area where there is no sky among the roofs of high buildings. This place seems strange and uncomfortable to him. He was born in Ireland, on a green island among beautiful forests.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 667 Total words: 2685

Hard words: lord, leaked, fiddler, tapping, offence, coldness, puzzlement, moonlit, rubbish, lying, pawn, fiddle, blackness, tidy, managed, midday, hired, bitterness, annoying, jealousy, sunshine, reel, cautiously, sober, someplace, accidentally, whiskey, uneasy, marked, temper.