Great Britain flag icon  Lord Mountdrago

 W. Somerset Maugham

2286    116    37    15    19

Dr. Audlin looked at the clock. It was twenty minutes to six. The doctor was surprised that his patient was late. The doctor's appearance was rather ordinary. He was quite tall, but his narrow shoulders and stoop made him not very attractive. His hair was gray and his face was covered with deep wrinkles. His eyes were big. They had no expression. The doctor looked much older than he really was. He seemed tired and sick man. Dr. Audlin was a psychotherapist. He could relieve pain by his soft hands. He became a very famous doctor with wonderful reputation. The psychotherapist always had many parients. His patients were very different people with dark secrets. But Lord Mountdrago was the strangest patient.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1029 Total words: 5181

Hard words: queen, insulted, inexpressive, hallo, stroking, liked, answered, grey, moved, dismissed, delivered, addressed, worst, acidly, lord, nodding, seized, described, held, stepped, laughingstock, gramophone, punctuality, worse, quoted, sleeplessness, risen, speciality, considered, rose