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 Somerset Maugham

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This man never understood why Louise talked to a man like him. She always disliked him and did not miss any moment to give him a hint about it. This woman never spoke directly. But she was very good at hints. A sad sign, an movement of the hands, a frank look - all these gestures spoke much better than words. They had known each other for twenty-five years. The man knew Louise considered him cynical and rude without good manners. But still she was constantly communicating with him and asking for lunch or dinner. Sometimes she invited him to spend some time at her house in the country. Over time, the man realized what was happening. He was the only one who did not take Louise seriously. This made her angry.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 607 Total words: 2616

Hard words: redoubled, sacrificing, disliked, liked, answered, carried, bended, worst, murmured, excellently, trousseau, adored, teatime, convalescent, allowed, explained, realized, inconsolable, bothered, speedily, turned, postponed, dreadfully, caught, decided, dressed, played, devilish, needed, filled