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 Paula Smith

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It was morning. Madison sat in the kitchen and put butter on her toast. Her brother Daniel walked in. He smiled and asked her about training. Madison was in a new team now. But it was always difficult for her to make new friends. That is why the girl was sad. She missed her old teammates very much. And Daniel made new friends easily. It was not a problem for him to get into a new team. Madison looked at her brother with a nice smile. She liked to go to the same school with him. Those days were great. But it was over. The girl stood up. It was time to go to a new school. Daniel wished her good luck. The girl went out into the street. It was just a new adventure. And it would be a very interesting adventure for Madison.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 707 Total words: 8913

Hard words: pushed, parents, answered, bounced, moved, passed, nastily, dug, carried, picked, held, stepped, kidnapped, touched, turned, logbook, disappeared, remembered, decided, helped, played, opened, dropped, joined, needed, stopped, shouting, unhappily, whispered, wearing