Great Britain flag icon  Lucky Luke and other Very Short Stories

 Paul Stewart

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The book consists of a dozen short stories. Each one is different but all of them are fun to read. The narrator of the story 'Lucky Luke' goes to the barber's to have his long hair cut. The barber's name is Jimmy. This man has serious problems with the reporters. The newspapers call him the worst barber in Britain. While cutting the client's hair, Jimmy explains to him the reason for such misfortune. His younger brother Luke has been lucky since childhood. Luke always gets what he wants without any effort. On the contrary, Jimmy himself has been unlucky all his life, despite hard work. Not long ago, Jimmy decided to put an end to his brother's luck. However, things did not go according to the plan.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2727 Total words: 23817

Hard words: recognised, eagle, unzipped, tapped, tucked, sounded, pushed, organised, aaaah, unfolded, surrounded, patting, attacked, refused, hugging, parents, slammed, labelled, watered, nosey, giggly, ageing, envied, maths, kerb, liked, grey, beanpole, peeping, aaah