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 Kathy Burke

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'Lukas's Luck' is a Czechoslovak folk tale. It is an interesting story of a man named Lukas. Long ago he was a rich farmer. He had a lot of fields and animals. Unforunately, Lukas managed his farm badly. Once he lost everything. He and his wife became very poor. When their daughter was born, they were happy but also worried. The couple didn't know how they would raise the child in such poverty. They had no more friends or relatives. Nobody wanted to help them with their daughter's christening. Lukas decided to ask the first woman he saw in the street to be the baby's godmother. He took his baby and went to the street. The first person he met was a poor old lady. She agreed to help him. Luckily, this was not an ordinary woman.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 557 Total words: 2372

Hard words: smelling, answered, bush, carried, discouraged, ducat, described, arriving, explained, attracted, realized, touched, turned, whispering, returned, rose, christening, dressed, pulled, admired, wrapped, invited, stopped, pressed, whispered, godmother, dreaming, hurried, rolled, unkind