Great Britain flag icon  Madame Bovary

 Gustave Flaubert

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Charles Bovary graduates from the college. He is not a very smart person, so his mother helps him to get a doctor's job in a provincial French town. Thanks mother's efforts, he marries a local widow. The woman is over 40. She is unattractive, but wealthy. One day Charles goes to examine another patient - a local farmer. He meets a farmer's daughter Emma, who is very pretty. The doctor feels a desire towards the young girl. After his wife's death, Charles starts communicating with Emma and after a while decides to ask for her hand. Her father gives a consent and arranges a magnificent wedding. But when the young couple begins to live together, Emma suddenly realizes her true feelings. She does not love Charles. She is unaware of what real love is.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2637 Total words: 31935

Hard words: curtainless, surrendered, unordered, mortgaged, labelled, doctoring, harbour, rouge, faintness, marquise, hatbox, bush, honour, unexciting, lord, crowding, bowing, friendless, nightdress, waterside, forcing, noiselessly, narrowed, manservant, boatman, spitting, maintained, slowing, nightcap.