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 Denise Whittaker

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Can you imagine how it is to lose a child? Most of people will not be able to. Most of people don't even want to think about such things, as they are really heartbreaking. Maggie has always been a brave and quick-witted girl. That's what everyone who knew her said. Everything happened during my driving test. I acted in a right way. I checked the mirrors and the belts. The traffic light turned green. Several pedestrians ahead: a woman and two children. The road ahead was thin and not very convenient. Hands on the wheel: for ten hours and two hours, as the instructor taught. I did everything right and recalled. Recently such things happened that it would be better to forget about them. Once and forever. Still it is impossible.

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Hard words: grieved, madwoman, footpath, unchanging, mummy, dynamite, centimeter, zoo, bastard, sensible, loudly, frighten, underground, clever, brave, tightly, pizza, hers, driving, cave, park, lovely, ethics, fifteen, nowhere, thirty, stupid, perfectly, breathe, roof, passenger.