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 Bill Bowler

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The main character of this book is Jack Collis. When he got engaged to Laura, he knew that their young family would not have much money. Despite everything the couple decided to get married. Jack was a painter. Laura wrote stories. Living in the city was very expensive, so they started looking for a suitable house in the suburb. They wanted a nice and cozy home with a toilet inside, not outside. But Jack and Laura could not find a suitable cottage for a long time: either too expensive or not comfortable enough. On their wedding day, they found a perfect house in a small village near the coast. The house was two miles away from the village. It turned out to be incredibly cheap. The newlyweds immediately decided to rent it on the same day.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 699 Total words: 2859

Hard words: noiselessly, churchyard, crazily, whisky, uneasily, nameless, lying, nervousness, unbelievably, seaside, jack, stony, stillness, cheerfully, blackness, tidy, managed, thicken, awfully, honeymoon, niece, interestingly, uneasy, villager, mist, closing, armor, afterwards, downstairs, countryside, loving.