Great Britain flag icon  Marley and Me

 John Grogan

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This is not just a story about a dog. This is a story about a whole family and their love for their pet, a dog named Marley. John and Jenny are young and in love with each other. They have good solid jobs - both work in a big newspaper. One day they decide to buy a puppy. It changes their lives forever. Marley is not an obedient calm puppy. He doesn't not listen to commands, doesn't not try to behave well. He throws things off the table, gnaws on his shoes and spoils things. And he eats everything potted plants or office supplies. When the thunderstorm begins - Marley just goes crazy and starts breaking everything in the house. But he is not a boring dog and makes the life of his owners much more fun. John and Jenny love their dog. And this story tells about the life of Marley - from a puppy to an old wise dog.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 862 Total words: 14442

Hard words: pushed, parents, pooped, liked, moved, fie, hurting, cleaned, eats, carried, worst, worked, chewed, shouted, held, pulling, barman, fortieth, worse, understood, neuter, turned, caught, remembered, helped, played, pulled, opened, doodle, poop