Great Britain flag icon  Marry Me, Darling!

 Bill Bowler

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Gwen and Roger are a very nice couple. They met each other ten years ago. They go out together three times a week. Gwen loves her boyfriend with all her heart. She wants to marry him, but Roger is a very shy man. He never speaks about marriage. Now Gwen is about thirty. She does not lose hope. This evening will be special. They are having dinner together. Gwen is sure that Roger is going to propose her. So she invites him to her sister's expensive house. She is wearing a beautiful dress and a gold watch. A married life is waiting for her. Only one thing upsets the woman. Roger has two bad habits. He smokes and drinks much coffee. But any man in love can change. Gwen is sure her future husband will change for her.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 251 Total words: 1662

Hard words: marrying, lookup, nearer, wearing, laughing, shyly, looking, asking, mmm, speaking, going, taking, wonderfully, smiling, darling, don, moving, haven, smoking, coming, happily, shy, fascinating, handsome, drinking, boyfriend, dear, girlfriend, garlic, exciting