Great Britain flag icon  Media Wars

 Marisa Marmo

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David calmly and confidently entered the Australian office. A media tycoon known to the whole world Bruce was waiting for him there. David smiled, greeting the man and shaking his hand. Bruce was tall with an athletic figure. David was short and slightly fat, the exact opposite of his interlocutor. On the walls of the big office a map of Australia and photographs of many local stars hung. David had a nice job. He earned quite a lot. But the man wanted much more. Now he wondered what Bruce would offer him. Another media worker entered the room: it was a beautiful woman with short hair dyed bright red. David greeted her. He knew Anna for a long time and was really glad to see her. Bruce watched them silently for a minute. And then he began to speak.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1282 Total words: 8744

Hard words: combing, positioned, newsreader, replaced, snapped, answered, grey, marrying, ignored, geostationary, moved, passed, engrossed, advert, struck, chatting, worst, worked, monitored, videoconference, muttered, sally, picked, lit, stole, dipole, shouted, pushing, indicated, explained