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 Claire Keegan

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Children notice a lot. They see much more than their parents would like. They do not always understand what they see, but they have keen eyes and sensitive ears. They always understand when the problems start. The girl who lives in this house is not old enough to stop believing in Santa Claus. But she is ready to clash with her mother and does not want to obey her. Her father often takes her to interesting places. The man has a serious thigh injury and the daughter opens the gate for him. To get home, they must open the gate twice and drive through a narrow forest road. The gate must be closed; otherwise the sheep may run away. In this case they will have to be caught. The old car, as usual, is driving home this day. On Saturdays, the man chooses sheep at the market and buys the most beautiful and healthy ones.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 802 Total words: 2877

Hard words: pearl, dartboard, vroom, sheepdog, bandleader, missus, petrol, baldness, raffle, goodnight, wrapping, teapot, handbag, lemonade, further, thirsty, grassy, flowing, smoky, leftover, downhill, cupboard, amazement, sweaty, starving, handkerchief, moonlight, fasten, lipstick, dart.