Great Britain flag icon  Message in a Bottle

 Nicholas Sparks

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Everything starts on a warm summer evening, shortly after the rain. A carefully sealed bottle is thrown overboard. It is supposed to break but falls into the warm water. Despite the strong current, underwater reefs and big waves, this bottle remains intact. It contains a very important message that can change the fate of several people. The bottle often changes directions due to strong winds. Sometimes it tangles up in fishing nets. According to a widespread belief, such bottles usually contain messages about lost treasures. But there is nothing like this in this bottle. A letter is hidden in it. Thanks to it, two people will meet in the future. This meeting will change their lives forever.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 4085 Total words: 83446

Hard words: pretending, stopping, dipped, unshakably, unpacked, sounded, gossiping, triggered, mumbling, remarried, uncorked, brokenly, assessing, caressing, drifted, zipped, rearranging, attended, pushed, bedstand, fumbled, destined, welling, betraying, surrendered, noticing, poking, surrounded, wondering, shifted