Great Britain flag icon  Mine Boy

 Peter Abrahams

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Xuma arrives at the black and deadly slums of the city of Johannesburg. He is a farmer who came from the northern regions. There is an economic decline in the north. So earning moneyhas become much more difficult there. The man has almost no money and nowhere to stop. All of a sudden he receives help from Leah. She sells beer illegally. Later Xuma learns many people. He is shocked by their constant drunkenness and a marginal way of life. The large and tall Xuma helps Leah several times. But once he gets into an unpleasant situation. On Saturday, a salary is paid in the city. So the local population usually gets drunk and starts rioting. The same happens this time. The police arrives and Xuma accidentally finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1550 Total words: 26260

Hard words: pushed, betraying, starred, queen, attacked, dumped, mealie, drilled, parents, grabbing, liked, answered, moved, passed, dug, struck, stitched, snarled, cleaned, lessened, carried, colourful, worst, discovered, brushed, worked, slipped, kaffir, rested, thieving