Great Britain flag icon  Money to Burn

 John Escott

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This November is very cold and rainy. Strong wind blows. There is a road by the river. Three men are choping trees. Their car is not far away. It is ready to leave at any time. This is a quiet road where people rarely travel. A woman named Petra is watching the road. The road is blocked, but she is waiting for a blue van. A strong wind often drops a sign that says 'The road is blocked', but the woman puts it back. A strong storm is approaching and this is bad. Suddenly a van appears on the road. The driver sees a tree dragged by three men on the road. Then he sees the sign. The van turns off the road and the woman smiles. Everything seems to be going by their plan. The accomplices are ready. This robbery will go well.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 570 Total words: 7458

Hard words: hallo, liked, staying, catching, pushing, pulling, putting, watching, policewoman, worse, blowing, topaz, nearer, stopped, shouting, blown, flooded, trying, laughing, mum, looking, brownie, carrying, asking, burned, going, telling, taking, called, said