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 Dan Harmon

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It was the afternoon before Halloween. The little girl was riding her bike through a narrow street. She quickly went between the trees and beautiful gardens. Suddenly the bike went onto a front lawn and stopped. The girl heard a strange sound and looked around. There was an old scary house in front of her. The two windows looked like eyes that were looking at her angrily. Suddenly and old man ran out of the house. He shouted at the girl and told her to get out of his lawn. The frightened girl ran away. A few minutes later she was already far from this place. The old man watched her and grumbled that children never listened to him. A strange sound repeated. The old man entered his house and closed the door.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 555 Total words: 6536

Hard words: giantess, liked, answered, moved, staying, eats, shouted, held, worse, turned, remembered, decided, played, pulled, seconds, opened, oooh, stopped, chowder, fell, digger, tried, laughing, drove, stairs, boo, dynamite, wanted, changed, going