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 Margaret Atwood

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This is a collection of stories by famous Canadian writer Margaret Atwood. She is well known as a children's writer, a science fiction writer and a graphic novel author. The book first saw the world at the end of two thousand and six. Each story is related to the next, so the book tells one long and confusing story. The book consists of eleven chapters. The heroes are completely different: a middle-aged couple, a young mother and her daughter, a high school student, a young man who loves travelling. Sometimes the story is told in the first person, sometimes in the third one. Gradually, the heroes of the stories meet each other, moving from chapter to chapter. These events are mixed and lead to unexpected results. The plot of the book is exciting and you want to read it in one evening.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1804 Total words: 7671

Hard words: pastured, peahen, roosted, venturing, beheaded, rending, unfurling, ignorantly, snatching, ripened, screwing, baling, pruned, slaughtering, runty, fermenting, brimmed, scalded, basketful, hatched, ruby, floored, straggly, piteously, humanizing, twirling, crossbeam, sod, edged, plucked, scabby.