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 Brian Friel

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There are remote places in Ireland and few people know about them. Salty waves, cold air and picturesque nature. Random people do not come there. In one of these regions, a guy tells his grandmother a story about his life. He is a poor salesman who has to travel a lot to do for a living. But even in such work there are sometimes kind and pleasant people. At the beginning of the year, he travels about fifty miles: by a van, by a train, and just on foot. He walked to his grandmother's house, which was built on the top of a large rock at the very end of the village. The guy spent the whole winter there, helping his grandmother. But he was glad - it was always nice to miss school and stay in such a beautiful place. Strict parents, brothers and sisters - everybody stayed at home.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 814 Total words: 3036

Hard words: tuneless, jewellery, colourful, prettiness, murmured, buckled, browned, racehorse, fearfully, dinnertime, obediently, granny, lifelike, turban, thirteenth, limitless, mouthful, faraway, undress, uphill, impatiently, stormy, breathless, shadowy, riches, rearrange, amazement, bedtime, depressing, damned, yearly.