Great Britain flag icon  Murder in the Fog

 Dominic Butler

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He does not remember his name. This is the first thing that he thinks when he wakes. There is dark thick fog around. He raises his hand to his face and feels a short nose and a small mouth. He doesn't remember his face. He doesn't remember the color of his hair and what his eyes look like. He is lying on cold grass. He is all alone. The man tries to stand up. There is a sharp pain behind his right ear. There is a large lump there. He is scared. There is only a photograph of a woman in the pocket. There is also one napkin with an unknown name written on it. But who is this woman? He is sure that he knows her. Is she his wife? His girlfriend? Suddenly he understands that she is in danger. He must save her. He shouts into the dark, but there is no reply.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2346 Total words: 33052

Hard words: stopping, stabbed, pushed, focussed, refused, insulted, woollen, parents, liked, grey, detected, wuss, passed, allegro, reaching, cosy, downloading, staying, bush, carried, worst, worked, laddie, lord, joking, sally, picked, stole, terrifyingly, shouted