Great Britain flag icon  Ned Kelly a True Story

 Christine Lindop

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When he was a very young child, he was always poor and hungry. Like many other children around. A lonely child cannot live well. He grew older, but remained in the same distress as he didn't have enough strength to change the situation. However, there were always many people around who lived even worse. Still he didn't give up. The guy learned to steal horses and fight better than anyone else. He began to live outside the law as it was the only way to survive and stay full. In the nineteenth century, Australia was a harsh place. The rich had land, money and power. The poor people had nothing. But even in such a situation, it is possible to obtain wealth. You need to be stubborn enough, brave and cruel.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 752 Total words: 8088

Hard words: armour, parents, liked, answered, hanged, moved, passed, staying, carried, worked, wombat, kept, stole, held, touched, watching, stealing, worse, banging, sold, august, helped, seconds, opened, needed, crossed, stopped, shouting, fired, fell