Great Britain flag icon  Netty Sargent and the House

 Jennifer Bassett

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Netty Sargent is a beautiful young woman. She lives with her uncle in a house with a garden and a field. This is a leasehold house. The ground belongs to the squire. It means that the squire will get the house back after Mr. Sargent's death. To avoid this, Netty's uncle must pay money to renew the leasehold and put Netty's name on it. The young woman is in love with Jasper Cliff. She wants to marry him. But Jasper is more interested in her house. Old Mr. Sargent doesn't like Netty's choice. Still he wants his niece to be happy and agrees to their marriage. Mr. Sargent is ill. He dies before he has the chance to sign the leasehold papers. Netty is desperate. She loses everything now. Suddenly she understands what to do.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 412 Total words: 2086

Hard words: pushed, leasehold, liked, marrying, moved, lit, held, unwell, unlocked, putting, turned, squire, decided, favourite, opened, hurried, fell, agreed, hitting, shaking, laughing, signed, looking, wanted, going, schoolteacher, locked, tidy, said, indoors