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 John Escott

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It is about nine o'clock in the morning. The art gallery is not working yet. Suddenly the window opens and a man climbs inside. His name is Harry, and he is a professional thief. It is dark. But the thief has a light. He looks around and finds the picture for which he has come. He comes closer to examine it. This picture is worth a million dollars. He doesn't understand who would agree to pay such money for it. But thinking or understanding is not his job. Harry gets his payment for something else. The man takes out a knife. He takes the painting from the wooden frame slowly and carefully. Harry takes the painting and goes to the window. He knows that there are still many expensive things here. But his work is done. It is time to leave.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 224 Total words: 1337

Hard words: allen, putting, watching, rooming, looking, going, vase, talking, don, recycling, saying, sleeping, thief, coming, fascinating, reward, gallery, fifty, exciting, net, clock, quietly, coat, knife, telephone, frame, english, angry, thinking, expensive