Great Britain flag icon  Nimble Fingers

 Anuradha Muralidharam

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In any country of the world poor people do not know what an easy and pleasant life is. They have to work hard to pay for housing and eat at least once a day. It is a good luck if their children have the opportunity to go to school, but more often they also have to work no less hard than their parents. The protagonist of this story is Krishna. He is one of those unlucky children. He works in an Indian cigarette factory. He works very well, as he has small hands and thin dexterous fingers. He cannot write, but can count up to one thousand five hundred. This is exactly the number of cigarettes that he must produce per one working day. If he wakes up early, he can play for an hour, before the sunrise. And after the working day he can't do it, because it's already dark on the street.

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Hard words: bonded, labour, nimble, arid, moonlight, grind, hut, weave, brave, crowded, pat, dried, bee, cloth, uncle, bite, loud, asleep, soup, grandfather, rice, moon, surely, roof, factory, lucky, cigarette, noise, debt, wake, meal.