Great Britain flag icon  No Longer at Ease

 Chinua Achebe

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The main character of this story is called Obi. He is a smart young man who got the opportunity to study in Great Britain. It influenced his character and lifestyle greatly. After graduation, he returns to his native Nigeria in order to begin public work. While working, he notices a very unpleasant thing. The government is mired in corruption. It is not interested in honest and conscientious officials.Obi still manages to adhere to his principles. He is strongly against bribes. Later the man meets a girl with whom he falls in love. This state leads him to strong moral feelings. It is getting difficult for the official to remain honest and fair. But there are more ordeals ahead. Will Obi be able to cope with them?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1250 Total words: 18243

Hard words: jeweller, pushed, loaned, refused, parents, replaced, liked, answered, marrying, moved, passed, bringing, carried, moneylender, honourable, worked, kola, pretended, picked, shouted, licence, allowed, seasickness, held, stepped, travelling, unlocked, putting, rainmaker, cured