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 Rowena Wakefield

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Alex's family always moves from city to city, so he often changes schools. New groups of people have already become something completely familiar. The boy does not make any friends now. After all, saying goodbye to them is always painful. Instead of friendship, he has his music, his songs and his guitar. They are the best things for him. They will never betray. They will follow him to a new city. Alex keeps telling himself that music is more than enough to feel happy. But life throws a new surprise. Once Alex meets Bella. He likes this girl very much. But she wants Alex to play his music for the general public. It is a real ordeal for him. Will the boy be able to leave his small cozy world and perform on a big stage?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 536 Total words: 8937

Hard words: liked, moved, staying, clapping, watching, played, stopped, bye, trying, leaving, noisily, laughing, looking, asking, fifteenth, wanted, speaking, learned, going, telling, showing, losing, said, playing, slower, sitting, saw, listening, chord, happening