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 Tad Williams

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Henry hated to fly. Perhaps 'hate' is not a suitable word. Hate implies anger, some actions. But the flight on the plane filled Henry with such animal horror that he became completely helpless. The despair was so strong that other passengers noticed it. He looked at the calm passengers, but his palms were wet with sweat. Even besides flying, there were many unpleasant moments in Henry's life. He was supposed to fly to Dallas with his wife, but she was not able to go with Henry due to problems at work. Her boss fell ill and she had to stay in the office. This greatly upset the man, but there was no choice - the tickets were bought long ago. The wife knew how much he hated planes, but did not support her husband. She stayed in the office. So he had to drink a sedative before the flight.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1539 Total words: 5537

Hard words: stopping, squalling, sounded, quieting, awaited, clumped, pushed, ichor, lulling, placating, cinched, shifted, skirted, gibbet, bunching, parents, infuriatingly, nerveless, smoothed, hurtling, snapped, scurrying, showering, leveled, wishing, embracing, liked, smoothing, shirtfront, answered