Helen Naylor

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How often do we think about the lives of our neighbors? How often do we think about events that may be interconnected somehow? This book tells the stories of four families who lived on Moreland Road. Everyone has their own story, thoughts and experiences. Maggie was recalling her holiday romance in Chile. She had a smile on her face. Sam was thinking about how to solve his financial problems. Jason was listening to his favorite music. He didn't hear when his mother called him. Nina had some important news. But she did not know how to tell her husband about it. Everyone had their own business, their own life. One Friday night changed everything. Everyone had something in common. How can a chain of accidents and coincidences change someone's life, while others will not be affected?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 960 Total words: 11276

Hard words: jeweller, queen, parents, maths, liked, answered, moved, passed, hurting, studying, jewellery, worked, lasagne, cooper, picked, lit, arriving, shouted, letting, watching, turned, sold, max, disappeared, doer, remembered, decided, favourite, played, pulled