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 Ambrose Bierce

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Jerome was a scout for the Yankees. He often went to spy on the enemy soldiers. Once a group of officers housed on the hill. They were a blue Yankee uniform. The Confederation army moved farther to the other side of the forest. One of the officers asked about the enemy's actions: whether they were moving forward or retreating. They decided to send a scout to check it out. A few minutes later, Jerome set to work. Jerome was a very brave man and always worked alone. His hearing and sight were very keen. He heard what other people could not hear. The scout was walking through the forest with a heavy rifle. Jerome knew how to shoot very accurately. Reaching the edge of the forest, he disappeared in the shadows and started observing.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 411 Total words: 1568

Hard words: retreating, searing, lying, muzzle, picket, regiment, loaded, cannon, commanding, farmhouse, climbing, scout, whistle, lieutenant, terrify, plantation, unconscious, injured, eighteen, grind, bleed, silently, mound, brave, soak, crowded, rear, suffering, sunlight, pit.