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 Lian De La Cruz

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These are four stories about completely different people. They are connected by an interesting plot and vivid emotions. The first story tells about a wife who is capable of much in order to find her mean ex-husband and take revenge on him. This is an interesting and vibrant noir style story. The next chapter is much more melancholic and the events are developing slowly. The main character returns to her hometown after many years. She is ill and hopes to make peace with the last dear person who survived. The third story is a funny and unusual look at the life of Henry the Eighth. And the book ends with a fantastic tale about vanity and humility. After reading this book the reader can understand how completely different stories can perfectly harmonize and complement each other.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1075 Total words: 4603

Hard words: sounded, drifted, fumbled, consumed, guarding, shifted, divorcing, hector, parents, slammed, depthless, summoning, perspiring, piqued, quickened, foulness, unshed, answered, passed, reaching, appreciated, clinking, undone, carried, worst, squeezed, slanderous, exchanged, produced, lord