Roald Dahl

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Lexington was born in the city of New York. It was a happy day for his parents. The baby's mother returned from the hospital and told her husband to take her for dinner to the best restaurant in the city. The husband agreed that she deserved dinner at any restaurant she chose. The couple put on their best clothes and went to have a nice evening. Baby Lexington stayed with a nanny. The parents returned home late at night. The father forgot the key to the house and decided to break the window and get into the apartment. It was the only way in, because no one opened the door for them. But, unfortunately, a police car was passing by. The officers were accustomed to shooting at the robbers. They usually got a reward for it. The policemen started shooting that night. Lexington became an orphan at a very young age.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1009 Total words: 5134

Hard words: hooking, slaughterer, healthily, winking, booted, slaughtered, inwards, pumped, forcing, cheerfulness, hooked, declared, scratching, slaughterhouse, nuts, gratefully, lying, doubly, upside, doorbell, seated, joyful, imaginable, steaming, upwards, anxiously, stained, heavenly, handwriting, vegetarian, intended.