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 Ian Rankin

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This is a new detective story from Edinburgh for your view. The investigations of detective Rebus are going on! The murderer called to the police and confessed to a crime. After that he tried to hide but was caught by the police in a flat. The man denied everything and talked about his innocence. The policemen found a dead body of the victim at the scene of the crime. The girl had been dead for three hours already. Detective Rebus discovered a message on the answering machine. That message was from the arrested man. He was talking about their date and telling the girl how he loved her. Obviously, the reason for the murder was jealousy. The knife – murder weapon, was found in the kitchen. All clues pointed to this man, but the captain couldn't understand one thing: what the murderer had been doing for three hours, before they came?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1454 Total words: 6149

Hard words: organiser, stabbed, stubbed, tucked, disorientated, ransacked, slouching, neurotically, eyrie, dribbling, cricketer, ignoring, indexed, implicated, sceptical, sprawled, detected, bladed, bolted, wastepaper, hoarder, brushed, salubriou mumbled, callously, boasting, cheque, haggis