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 Rosemary Border

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People have been living on Earth for thousands of years. Nowadays they are a real problem. Pollution is what we have been doing for so long. Soil, forests, water are the things we poison now. They lose their beneficial properties. Contaminated water can no longer be drunk. It is unable to quench a person's thirst or to nourish dense forests with moisture. Plants will not grow on contaminated land. All this massive pollution always starts with little things. First, a person takes the sewer out of the house into the river. And then he dumps waste from a large factory there. In the eighteenth century, people built a small beautiful city. It was named Los Angeles. There were houses, farms and beautiful nature. But years later, smog appeared there. And only the city residents were to blame for this.

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Hard words: dumped, grey, cleaned, eats, worst, worked, putting, polluting, unleaded, remembered, leaded, helped, petrol, opened, producing, contained, coughing, radioactivity, himalayan, stopped, poisoned, fell, spilled, trying, drove, smelly, soot, polluter, felt, blackened