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 Doris Pilkington Garimara

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At first, only Aboriginal people lived in Australia. They were living there long before the first white people sailed to the continent in their ships. It happened at the end of the nineteenth century. White people brought their animals, their diseases, their ideas and their laws. One law was adopted at the beginning of the twentieth century. It said that children of Aboriginal mothers and white fathers should be taken away from their families. They should be raised in state shelters at churches. The government thought that in this way such children would become real Europeans. Here the story of four children begins. They are taken away from their parents and sent to a camp for trainings. Will they become good 'white' people as the officials want?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1365 Total words: 13836

Hard words: goanna, stopping, sounded, pushed, hurrying, refused, liked, grey, faced, moved, passed, dug, squawking, circled, mending, bush, carried, worked, chasing, pretended, staring, picked, lit, kept, shouted, pushing, crouched, letting, held, stepped