Great Britain flag icon  Rapacini's Daughter

 Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Giovanni left his home lot of years ago. He decided to ride to the north of the country for study. He rented a small cheap room on the third floor of the old house which was musty and dark. The house itself was large and beautiful as a real palace. Previously, this house belonged to one ancient noble family. Today, there was only one old woman who earned a living by renting rooms to students. From a small dirty window in his room, Giovanni could see a large, beautiful garden in the courtyard. Once he asked an old woman if this garden belonged to her. But she replied that the owner of a garden was a famous man. His name was Rappaccini. He used plants from the garden in his research. This doctor lived in a small old brown house nearby.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 569 Total words: 2477

Hard words: shyly, fading, poisonous, violently, lizard, rainbow, sickness, comb, floating, vase, perfume, curse, sip, loudly, confused, spider, noble, poison, frighten, sadness, magnificent, grind, glow, butterfly, marble, palace, blessing, cure, fever, liquid.