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 John Christopher

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'Return to Earth ' is a science fiction story. It begins with two people walking in the park. Harl and Ellen are saying goodbye to each other. They will never meet again. Harl is going on an eight-year space journey. But when he returns to Earth, one hundred years will have passed. All his friends and family will be dead. Ellen is working on a different project. This project will change the world forever. Her team is going to use radiation to turn every newborn baby into a telepath. This way, people will know exactly what others feel and think. Ellen warns Harl that when he and his team come back, they won't be greeted. All non-telepaths will be seen as strangers. But what if the experiment can have even more terrible consequences?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 845 Total words: 7614

Hard words: sounded, pushed, hurrying, telepath, smelling, answered, grey, moved, circled, worst, worked, crossly, staring, kept, shouted, held, telepathy, pacific, watching, telepathic, remembering, understood, turned, shakily, caught, decided, helped, played, pulled, opened