Great Britain flag icon  Roads of Destiny

 O. Henry

17130    974    35    71    29

This story first saw the world in 1903. In contrast to the usual American literature of that time, here the action takes place in France. David is a shepherd from a small village. Once he quarrels with his bride. He decides to leave home and look for happiness in the new lands. The guy is a poet, which greatly affects his personality. He is romantic and easy going. David comes to the first fork and sees three roads - this is the first serious choice on his way. Further, in the story, David will have to choose the path each time - and this will lead him to new adventures and unexpected acquaintances. He meets an aristocrat, who promised to marry his daughter off to the first comer. And this is just the beginning of David's journey.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1796 Total words: 7901

Hard words: flocked, sheepfold, straying, unfitted, thirstily, halberd, perceiving, witchery, tended, pelting, sidewise, imprinted, goatherd, popped, latticed, tugging, ornamented, recantation, heeled, dulled, slighted, flagon, soldierly, timorous, obliged, mired, thawed, thither, connivance, foraging.