Great Britain flag icon  Robots the Next Generation

 Caroline Shackleton

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The medieval history of Japan is associated with samurais and the Bushido code. Many years have passed since that time. Now the country is famous for its high technology. In particular, robots. Robots are an indispensable part of the life of modern mankind. They can perform many useful functions - cleaning houses, helping soldiers combat missions, gathering information. They simply make human life easier. Nowadays they can already carry out many functions. New developments gradually erase the line between man and mechanism. Robots are becoming stronger and smarter. They begin to perform work that is inaccessible to people. What will they learn in the future? It can only be imagined.

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Hard words: starred, believably, proved, leveled, animism, priced, directing, manga, produced, legged, designed, arriving, allowed, titled, held, modeled, presented, humanoid, recognizably, metalwork, quoted, sold, automaton, considered, conducting, becoming, helped, played, wheeled, biomechanics