Great Britain flag icon  Sherlock Holmes and the Duke's Son

 Arthur Conan Doyle

12698    1346    101    136    23

Sherlock Holmes is probably one of the most famous detectives in the world of fiction. Due to his logical thinking and good observation skills he is able to solve any mystery. This time the famous detective has to deal with another case. The son of the Duke of Holdernesse disappears. The boy arrived to study at a private school. One night he mysteriously vanished from his room. Sherlock Holmes and his loyal friend Dr Watson go to the North of England. The detective is going to look for some clues there. The detective learns that a German teacher also went missing the same night. It is very strange. Is there a connection between these two disappearances? Sherlock Holmes starts his investigation.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 683 Total words: 8151

Hard words: cloven, grey, aaah, moved, bringing, bush, worked, cheque, lord, priory, tiredly, hurrah, watching, schoolroom, disappeared, duchess, dressed, hungrily, opened, nearer, stopped, moor, fell, leaving, unfriendly, coldly, felt, looking, spoke, kidnapper