Great Britain flag icon  Sing to Win

 Andrea Sarto

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Laura was having breakfast with her younger sister Sophia. It was a familiar ritual for the sisters - to have breakfast together. That day was unusual. The elder sister noticed that tomorrow would be a grand day for Sophia. But the girl herself knew it. After all, she was to have an audition for a famous vocal show. Laura was sure that the judges would immediately appreciate her sister's talent and love her. She would speak on television, and millions of people would be able to see her on their screens. This was really a great opportunity for such a young girl. The following day, Sofia was waiting for her turn to the audition. She met a friendly girl who praised her hair. The girl was named Emma. Sophia thought that they could become good friends. Soon Sofia came on the scene.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 312 Total words: 2390

Hard words: watching, shouting, boo, speaking, going, audition, sitting, selfish, nervously, clap, talking, singing, don, waiting, cafe, goodbye, crying, happily, fascinating, wow, sandwich, excited, yours, menu, standing, chapter, exciting, net, singer, quietly