Great Britain flag icon  Sister Love

 John Escott

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Marcia met Howard when she was thirty-five years old. This accidental meeting occurred in the church. The man was six years older. He lived in a small house on the outskirts of the city with his old mother. Marcia lived in an apartment with her sister and father. The woman did not work anywhere. Her father was ill and had to sit in the apartment all the time. He spent his days in bed and could not be alone. Marcia looked after him all her free time. She could go out only when her sister was returning from work. The sister was ten years younger and looked very attractive: a good tan, long soft hair. Many men were interested in Karin, and Marcia always remained in the shadow. No one looked at her and no one wanted to meet or dine together.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 431 Total words: 2704

Hard words: liked, answered, grey, suntanned, moved, worked, slipped, turned, suntan, opened, needed, stopped, fell, tried, shyly, drove, felt, looking, excitedly, going, bikini, said, cinema, angrily, slippery, saw, don, sleeping, umbrella, sunny