Great Britain flag icon  Sleeping Beauty

 Charles Perrault

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There was a grand event in the palace. The king shared with the joyful news: he was blessed with a long- awaited daughter Aurora. There was a festive party in honor of the princess. Seven fairies were invited except the eighth one. Everybody thought she was dead. However, the uninvited guest came. Like the other guests, she got a seat at the table. But there was no golden drawer with the cutlery for her. The old fairy got angry. One of the young fairies got worried, that the offended guest would give a bad gift to the newborn. She decided to hide in the princess' room. And she was right. The eighth guest told everybody that the princess would prick her hand on a spindle and die. But the young fairy appeared and promised that the princess wouldn’t die. She would only sleep for 100 years. Then a handsome prince will be able to wake her up.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 262 Total words: 941

Hard words: queen, hurray, chasing, mol, dusting, picking, spinning, mummy, prick, sunflower, poppy, waking, roast, throne, singing, fairy, castle, balcony, sweeping, deliciou weed, shine, cooking, hungry, asleep