Great Britain flag icon  Slime - The Wonderful World of Mucus

 Kenna Bourke

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Slime. This word sounds pretty unpleasant, doesn't it? But this is a useful thing. Now we'll try to figure out why. What will happen if you catch a cold or just catch an unpleasant virus? You will have a sore throat and sneeze. What will appear after sneezing? That's right, it is mucus. During such illnesses, many viruses and bacteria appear in your body. They make you feel week, headaches and muscle aches. But it is mucus that helps you to remove bacteria from your body. This happens while sneezing. The body uses this method to cleanse itself of the disease as quickly as possible. Indeed, no medicine existed many years ago. Any person could easily die from a common cold. But even then a simple sneeze helped to recover much faster.

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