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 Tim Vicary

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Have you ever looked at the night sky? Have you ever gazed at hundreds bright stars thinking what is happening in space? Where did our planet come from? The planet on which mankind has been living for many years. When did the universe appear? When did the first life begin there? It is disputable whether aliens exist or not. So there is the most important question that worries many of us. Is there life in space? Do sentient beings live on other planets? Do they know about us? Perhaps they sometimes fly to our planet. After all, there are Egyptian pyramids, mysterious crop circles - all these things prompt researchers to think about guests from outer space. If you also ask yourself such questions, just open this book.

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Hard words: eagle, pushed, wondering, grey, erupting, moved, reaching, studying, carried, formed, worst, discovered, picked, lit, kept, spun, held, travelling, exploded, realized, watching, slowing, worse, crashed, adding, turned, rose, taken, disappeared, decided