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 Agatha Christie

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This is an exciting criminal story of love and passion, betrayal and treason, greed and egoism. The dynamic storyline and bright images are sure to hold the reader's attention. Iris Marle's sister Rosemary commits suicide after a nasty illness and long depression. Six years older than her sister, Rosemary has always been beautiful, funny, and clever, which made Iris jealous. Rosemary's life had been like a happy dream until she married George Barton, in many aspects her opposite: quiet, withdrawn and not very rich. Rosemary was bright, sociable, outgoing and, thanks to her godfather, financially secure… Given the difference, was Rosemary's death really from suicide?

Hard words:

resented, destined, educating, unfolded, judged, reassured, hector, woollen, summoning, snapped, conjuring, interfering, passionles goddaughter, dismissed, frowning, voicing, notepaper, jewellery, smilingly, slashed, honour, adored, cheque, lord, washbasin